Leo Candle Co. Founder

With a bachelor's degree, a starter job, and a passion for all things beautiful, Margaret began recycling wine bottles into candles as a hobby to occupy her free time. Demand for her all-natural handmade products soon exceeded supply, so she walked away from her day job and founded Leo Candle Co. - the rest is history! Margaret is always looking for a new idea, and has expanded her product line to include classic, everyday candles for your home, with a renewed focus on captivating scents that will bring comfort to any room.

Margaret named Leo Candle Co. after her astrological sign. Leos are creative, passionate, and natural-born leaders - traits that Margaret strives to bring to her business every day. She is passionate about creating safe, clean-burning candles without any toxic chemicals, and infuses creativity into each candle she makes. As a natural leader, she has turned this passion and creativity into a business she loves sharing with others. With Leo Candle Co., Margaret hopes that you can enjoy your favorite beverage repurposed into a unique candle. Each hand-poured candle is the perfect accent to any room, and we hope to add some beauty to your day!